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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 14, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> it is premature and irresponsible to say anything. there are only allegations right now. >> he is a sprint runner who has double below the knee amputations. in london 2012 he was the first double leg amputee to participate and he has won gold medals in the paralympics. as for the model, she is a law graduate and a model and on wednesday, yesterday, she tweeted, what do you have up your sleeve for love tomorrow? the hash tag was "get excited valentine's day." >> more developing news, the san bernardino county sheriff says the manhunt for fugitive christopher dorner is over. the charred body was removed yesterday from the cabin but we
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hear from the owners of the lodge who found him in a cabin they knew it was him the moment they saw him. i thought it could be the end and he talked to us to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. he got in a shootout on tuesday after being cornered in a cabin. the former lapd police officer is believed to have killed one deputy and wounding another before the cabin went up in flames. canisters which were called "burners" were fired into the cabin do flush him out but they did not intentionally burn in the ground. >> in santa clara authorities will detonate a "usable bomb" this morning. c.h.p. officers found the bomb the scene home yesterday belonging to a 45-year-old along
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with other explosive materials that were also detonated. the suspect is in jail without bail for making threats against a state representative. we are learning more about the man who worked directly with apple co-founder, wozniak and described him as a brilliant engineer. right now, this is a live look at house where investigators have been since tuesday preparing to detonate the bomb in a trailer to contain the blast. we are following this closely and our reporter will have more in a live report in the next half hour. >> the bart board will take the first step today in a controversial plan to raise fares and packing fees to deal with long-term budget problems. amy is live at walnut creek bart
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with more on the hearing. >> not a very loving valentine from bart but the agency says they need the money. officials are talking about increasing your father -- fare by 5.2 percent about 18 cents a ride next year and every other year until 2020. also, they are talking about increasing what you pay to park at bart up to 50 cents. the average has a budget shortfall and there is the problem of the aging trains and the fact they are very, very crowded. bart has needs and they need money from you. if you would like to weigh in they have a public hearing starting at 9:00 this morning in oakland the scene bart headquarters next to the lake. we will be there this morning to hear what people say officially the scene meeting but for the
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newscast this only we will be the scene walnut creek bart station to hear what riders are saying. we will give you a sample of what the directors of the board will hear this morning. live in walnut creek for abc7 news. >> new this morning an elementary school will close the scene end of the year after a battle to save it falls short. at midnight they closed to close the elementary school to ease the $1.5 million deficit. the school, located near the site of the 2010 deadly gas line explosion was nearly closed last year but the community argued the kids have been through too much and only 65 students now attend the school. some will be transferred a mile away at john muir elementary. >> woman was attacked in downtown palo alto walking on bryant street and thrown to the ground and robbed around 7:30. the robber snatched her purse
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and ran off. the woman suffered a birthdayy -- bloody nose and bluesed arm. the same robber could be responsible for other attacks. >> the alameda sheriff will authorize a controversial surveillance drone. he says the unmanned aircraft will be used for search-and-rescue missions, hostage situation, and monitoring fleeing suspects. in december, the supervisors postponed a vote after coming under pressure by privacy advocates, including the american civil rights union. protesters planned to demonstrate before today's noon meeting the scene county administration building in oakland. >> new this morning the world's biggest airline is a step closer to reality following a merger between american airlines and us airways. the boards of both approved the deal with details released by the airlines but it still needs
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to be aproved by the bankruptcy judge and the us airway shareholders leaving u.s. travel dominated by four more jail airlines. the american, united, delta and southwest. they would control three 40s of all airline traffic in the country. >> and the weather outside, i would put five bucks on delays flying into sfo. >> you are saying the weather is frightful in. >> fogful. >> fogful. >> okay, register that and trade man it. here is a look at what is going on, milder this morning. we have mid-30's around santa rosa and novato. everyone else including napa, is in the upper 30's to mid 40's. san francisco is at 47. san jose is at 42. we will hang out in the mid-30's to mid-40's with fog around the north bay and parts of the bay shoreline through 7:00.
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it will fade quickly. we will see sunshine faster today and temperatures will be nearing 60 by lunch hour. if you are headed out for an early dinner we have sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's and clear and mild for evening festivities on valentine's day and low-to-mid 50's. not a heavy coat needed this time. a warmest day tomorrow will be in the mid 60's to 70 again, and winds will shift on saturday but, still, it looks mild low-to-upper 60's. on sunday, the cooling will be more noticeable where mid 60's for us. >> fog settling in the scene bay bridge and you can see traffic is very light but the fog is heavy with a fog advisory for this. take extra caution this morning with limited visibility. south 101 embarcardero to shoreline we have road work this various lanes until 5:00 this morning, so for another 20 minutes. in san ramon valley northbound 6
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80, various planes are blocked through this area here until action. >> a warning to east bay residents, thieves have left a neighborhood in the dark. next how people are dealing with a potentially dangerous situation. >> a peninsula high school on alert, the discovery that has
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>> welcome back on thursday. redwood city is the latest city to implement a ban on plastic bags. there will be a vote march 11, requiring shoppers to use a re-useable bag or pay ten cents for paper bag. it would go into affect on april 25, earth day, most cities already have a similar ban in place. >> volunteers armed with flashlights are taking to trails
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in concord to help people trying to find their way. the lights are out near the north concord bart station because of copper thieves are no thanks to them. we shed some light on what is being done. >> the sun goes down. it is pitch black on this trail parallelling the highway. lights along the trail headed south of the north concord bart station have been out for months after copper thieves access the inground boxes and ripped out the wiring. >> i have have to come home after 6:30 at night and now i carry a pocket knife because from here to the center where there is a break going into the neighborhood all lights are out. >> 4:30 in the morning riding a bicycle, if i hit someone we are going to the hospital. it would be nice if the lights were working. >> thieves struck along this stretch of willow pass road blacking out ten streetlights. in the last few years concord
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has spent $1 million replacing all of this stolen copper wiring. the solution? inground boxes encased in cement and rebar with a cover requiring special tools. they tried putting boulders on them but they moved them. >> we would think that would work but they did not. >> concord installed temporary solar lights. >> we installed warning so pedestrians know the lights are out as they enter the path. so we have two volunteers working from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the prime commute hours. all expensive and exhaustive remedies to shed some light on a growing problem. in concord for abc7 news. >> in palo alto, two cases of weapons on campus in a week have police and the administration on high alert. a student brought an old-style stun gun to school on friday and attempted to use it on another student off campus.
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on monday, students reported a classmate had a homemade gun that shoots rubber corks. both resulted in misdemeanor charges and disciplinary action. >> the police department and the school and the parents worked cooperatively and both students were criminally cited and released to their parents and the school took immediate disciplinary action against both students. >> the students are both juveniles so their names are nature made public. >> a new report claims that chevron knew for years that a pipe that triggered a massive fire at richmond refinery, saying they were warned by their own inspectors of the damaged pipe in 2002 but it was never replaced. the report was prepared by a laboratory for the u.s. chemical safety board. chevron faces $1 million fine for the incident in august that left thousands of residents without eye and breathing problems. a statement from chevron says "we do not agree with some of
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the characterizations we are committed to discussing the findings from our investigation and our corrective actions with the investigating agencies." >> it is february and the world series champion san francisco giants have begun spring training in arizona. the pitchers and catchers have all right -- already started. there is no sign of ill will between tim and mvp catcher who both want to develop chemistry as early as possible. tim is changing his look in preparation in hopes of reclaiming his cy young winning form of 2008 and 2009, the first spring training game is a week from saturday against the angels. >> and he is stronger, too. >> with sampson, don't you get stronger with long hair?
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>> okay...i don't know if it is good or bad hair day but it is damp. >> that is why we have the fog. you can see the fog uplit from the streetlights as we look down from mount tamalpais this morning. it gives you an idea how thin it is. now, live doppler 7 hd shows with fog you do not get rain or radar, it is moist enough to be there but not moist enough to create precipitation. the last couple of hours you can see the sea breeze is starting to wane and the land breeze will push away the clouds. by the time you head out for lunch there will be a lot of sun. temperatures in the mid 30's to mid-40's and a few upper 40's like san francisco is 47. we also are warmer on antioch and oakland and half moon bay at 45 or 46 with temperatures in the upper 30's to low 40's for monterey bay and inland to salinas and gilroy.
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the fog fades quickly leaving sunshine for the valentine's day. it will be milder tomorrow through saturday and a cooling trend will start to take in sunday, monday, and a wet pattern returns obtuse and wednesday the best chance for rain but there are a couple of other storms behind that could roll in and bring us more rain. now, through the climates, 67 in sunnyvale to 70 in los gatos today. san jose is 68. four degrees warmer than average. up to 69 in los altos. on the coast we will get to 60's, and downtown south san francisco the mid-60's. and toward clear lake we could crack the 70-degree mark and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore with fremont at 69 the warm spot and 68 in concord and walnut creek as the warmer spots mid-60's and near 70 around monterey bay and 70's headed
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inland. tonight, notice the lack of fog, 39 in santa rosa, the cool spot to 48 in san francisco. seven-day outlook show temperatures dropping ten degrees by monday and cooler, low-to-mid 50's, tuesday and wednesday. sue? >> happy valentine's day. right now traffic is looking sweet coming out of san rafael. as you can see, clear, no fog, as you move past lucas valley road and toward the civic center, and here is san jose, also clear, and this is 87, beyond the pa pavilion and road work, southbound, to the top of the golden gate bridge because of the road work. also, road work in san jose, north 85 the ramp to north 280 of the kristen and eric? >> on capitol hill senate democrats plan to vote today on chuck hagel's confirmation as secretary of defense despite opposition from some republicans.
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senate republicans are threatening to stall his nomination to be president obama's new pentagon chief unless the white house gives more information on the deadly attack in september on the consulate in benghazi, libya. hague sell a former republican senator from nebraska and twice wounded vietnam combat veteran. democrats hold a 55-45 edge in the senate but they need the support of five republicans to clear the way for up-or-down vote. >> medical personnel will be needing the 4,000 people above the crippled carnival cruise ship when it docks in alabama this morning. it is towed slowly from the gulf of mexico by two tugboats after a crippling engine fire on sunday. food is scarce, there is no air conditioning, and bathrooms are backing up. in new orleans there are 15,000 hotel rooms and passengers get a full refund and discounts on future cruises.
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>> baking barriers with baseball. >> and a big event in the san francisco zoo in time for valentine's
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>> good morning, everyone. >> you can see in this shot power is out right now to the entire island, middle part of your screen is all dark. that is treasure island. this is a look from the camera on mount tamalpais and normally of course you would see lights on treasure island although it is nighttime but we told the energy crews are trying to figure out what caused the outage to treasure island but thousands of people will not be getting any light right now so we have a call in to the company to find out how long it will take to get the power back on. >> speaking of pg&e they are blaming equipment failure for an
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outage that left embarcardero in the dark with no electricity for about an hour last night around 7:00 p.m. with traffic signals and streetlights out. they provided generators for a few customers who could not get power restored. >> they are warning people to be careful of balloons that you receive on valentine's day because the helium can cause big problems if they float into power lines. the biggest concern are electrical outages and danger to people below when the lines are compromised. they recommend you keep the balloons weighted and indoors, if possible. most important, never try to recover a balloon if it is tangled up in the power lines. >> very dangerous. >> time to check with mike for the forecast. >> or stick with the teddy bears and the chocolates. >> absolutely i will take that into consideration next year.
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i have this year's already. you can see today around the bay area, warmer than average, from san francisco, at 64, and three degrees warmer-than-average and napa is 68 and six degrees warmer and livermore is 68 and eight degrees warmer-than-average and we will enjoy this until the sun sets at 5:48 and let the cooling begin across the entire state, with high pressure, and not a single drop showing up. we have temperatures in the 70's and los angeles, palm springs, sacramento, mid-to-upper 60's, big sur, fresno, san diego, 49 in tahoe and 57 in yosemite. safe travels. >> we have a lot of fog, and the east shore freeway, my camera is socked in. you cannot see anything. we will keep our eye on that moving into the macarthur maze. the ramp to northbound 880, road work in affect for ten minutes or so and also road work on the peninsula, south 101 embarcardero road to shoreline,
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that also picked up at 5:00 this o for a few more minutes and 880, both directions, between davis and high street, road work in those lanes the next few minutes as well. >> the san francisco zoo has a new addition. you got to take a look, the first video of sumatra bear cub and we will not know if it is a boy or girl for a couple of weeks. the tiger is classified as an extremelyly earthquake -- endangered species. >> and now, students are headed for cuba part of a baseball and softball team and other american students have gone to cuba before but this is the first u.s. high school team to go to cuba to play against students there. besides taking their own gear, they are also taking sports
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equipment to donate to cuban youth. >> we have several dozen bats. we have 75 gloves, helmets, and more. >> i hope to learn how they play. i am sure it is different than the way we do. >> each team plays a three-game series against the cuban teams and will visit museums and culture events. >> baby spinach is being recalled coming in 16 ounce trays with "best buy of february 24, 2013." no illness yet has been reported. >> the popular monster energy drink content will remain the same but the supplement facts listed will be changed to nutrition and show how much
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caffeine is included so they do not have to meet the federal guidelines required of supplements and it reflects the extra scrutiny the industry has been getting from the food and drug administration over the safety of the ingredients. >> we are learning more about the safe bay man arrested for setting off an explosive. >> using today make a political point, the protests today are
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 on valentine's day hoping you are feeling the love
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this morning. we certainly do, just the fact you tuned in. >> hope your shopping is done. >> first up, a check on the forecast. >> if you are shopping for fog you got it in some areas, talking about thick fog in the north bay and spilling across the bay. look for varying conditions when you are out and about. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry and no need to worry about wet weather. only visibility is down at three quarters of a mile in napa and half a mile in santa rosa and less than quarter mile in novato and the scene coast. this morning we are hang around 35 to 45 for the foggy commute with total sunshine this afternoon and up to 70 but not so cool this evening, 51 to 56. >> good morning, everyone, we have fog advisory for the bay bridge and heavy fog from 280 and 92 to half moon bay at this hour, from antioch, don't have reports of fog but we have a


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